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Hi, I’m Robert Estrin and this is The subject today is about a way to not have commercials on YouTube. You just want to watch a video and you have to endure these commercials all the time. This week one of my fans contacted me and said they love watching my videos, but the commercials are driving them nuts!

There is a way to not have any commercials on YouTube. It’s called, “YouTube Premium”.

YouTube Premium is a paid program which also includes YouTube Music. YouTube music has a comprehensive library of almost any music that has ever been recorded which you can listen to anytime, anywhere on any device. I have subscribed for years. I think the $11.99/month is worth it just for YouTube Music! I haven’t seen a commercial on YouTube for years either. You can try it out for a month for free here to see how you like it:

The best part is by subscribing to YouTube premium, you also get YouTube music.

YouTube Music is a treasure trove of almost every recording you could imagine which you can listen to it anywhere, any time from your computer to your phone, to your iPad. I’m not paid for this. This is not a sponsored commercial. but my time is valuable as I’m sure yours is. So try it out for a week and see how you like it! If you like it, you’ll never have to watch a commercial on YouTube again! Thanks again for joining me, Robert Estrin here at, Your Online Piano Resource.
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    1. Indeed, and some of us do not want to support their extreme censorship.

      What YouTube doesn’t understand is that people like me don’t respond to commercials in the first place, and if a commercial is annoying enough, I choose to BOYCOTT the advertiser. Not only do I not respond, I am not even moved by advertising hype. It is not what I base purchase decisions on. And if they were more careful about WHERE they interrupt, that would make a difference. I can’t see being interrupted two measures into one of Robert’s performances. How about two measures earlier? Yeah, I know they do it automatically. Putting an ad on the side of the page might actually work better, especially for people like me. I am more likely to pay attention.

  1. I would suggest another method. Using Brave browser on your computer, accessing the YouTube and then using WiFi or hard wire from computer to TV play the YouTube. Because Brave uses TOR (a VPN of sorts) YouTube typically cannot find where you are and thereby cannot play adverts targets to your area.

  2. There is a much simpler way, and it’s free (although they accept contributions — honor system, up to you … ). It’s called AdBlock — Google it to find out more. Although some sites will request for you to allow ads, many do not — especially the music ones.

      1. I’ve been using AdBlock for several years — it’s highly effective and greatly reduces computer overhead caused by ads (i.e. the computer runs much faster …). I love it! I generally send them a contribution every year or so — it’s well worth it (the amount to send is entirely up to you …)

  3. Ohh – I did not think about mobile apps — sorry. I’m using the Windows/PC version. I thought they also had a version for mobile — perhaps it’s only for Android systems. It works very well on my Windows laptop.

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