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In playing the piano, different parts of the body are utilized according to the requirements of power and speed. The more power required, the more mass of the body is utilized. The more speed, the less mass is needed.

Finger technique: When the utmost in speed is required, only the fingers will do.

HOW TO DEVELOP FINGER TECHNIQUE: Hand Positions and Finger Patterns

Almost all piano technique can be reduced down in its simplest form to hand positions and finger patterns. As a beginner, most people learn to play with 5 fingers of each hand over 5 keys. In time this is expanded. Ultimately this is the basis for all piano technique.

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  1. Thanks for the website, the information and the simple way of presenting it. I am very interested in your “wrist” presentation as I base most of my teaching on that technique……of course, plus the initial finger building with patterns and scales, etc.

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