Is Classical Music Relaxing?

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I’m Robert Estrin here at with a question for you: “Is Classical Music Relaxing?” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked somebody if they listen to classical music and they respond, “I love classical music. It’s so relaxing.” There certainly are pieces that are relaxing, such as Clair de Lune by Debussy. But you know what? That is just one side of the spectrum of emotions that classical music explores. You certainly wouldn’t consider the Scriabin Etude in D-sharp minor from the Opus eight to be relaxing. That’s anything but relaxing!

Classical music explores the entire spectrum of emotions

Classical music can be humorous or angry or melancholy. There’s a tremendous range of emotions in classical music, and if you think that it’s just relaxing, you’re missing the whole point. Just like literature isn’t all relaxing, some of it is agitating, some of it can be profound, enlightening. There’s a whole range of emotions that classical music and other styles of music explore.

Not all classical music is meant to be relaxing

So is classical music relaxing? The real answer is yes, sometimes. Certainly some classical music is relaxing, like the first movement of the Moonlight Sonata. But music is not always meant to be relaxing. Thanks so much for joining me. I’m Robert Estrin here at, Your Online Piano Store. See you next time!