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Living Pianos: Classic Restored Pianos grew out of a live show I have been performing for a number of years, Living Piano: Journey Through Time: Historic Concert Experience.

I noticed that at so many of the concerts I performed that I was the youngster in the room! I felt their should be a way to bring young people into the fold. That is when I had the idea for Living Piano. In music conservatory, I majored in piano and French horn! In fact, through much of my career I was focused on music technology owning a recording studio producing music for film and video and presenting my Keyboard Showcase performance offering audiences a glimpse into how computers had impacted music.

Eventually the technology grew to the point where the live performance became almost irrelevant as looped based composition/music production replaced performing. So, I went back to my roots as a performer and acquired historical instruments, learned how to play them and began bringing them to audiences at universities, colleges, art centers, museums and even a Living Piano cruise!

Today I perform a wide range of musical events including Living Piano: Journey Through Time: Historic Concert Experience in which I bring young prodigy performers I work with in period costumes of Mozart and Liszt. It ceases to amaze me the universal appeal of the story of the development of the piano. I have performed Living Piano for audiences of all ages and offer my program in a variety of settings including fund-raising events for worthwhile causes including schools and arts organizations facing the challenge of acquiring concert level pianos.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of having Living Piano: Historic Concert Experience hosted for your group or organization, please contact me, Robert Estrin at: 949-244-3729

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  1. Hi Robert! Wonderful news gearing up for performance shows this year. What is the minimum people needed for a group performance? How much will it cost per ticket? Will the performance be at your loft Santa Ana?


  2. Hi Robert . . just great . . you are so right -spot – on! This should be a documentary for the History channel or H2 channel.

    I get so distressed that kids in band do not learn about keyboard basics regardless of the instrument they are going to play. Two of my sons wanted to learn to play and have a set of drums at home. I had a friend who played in an 18-piece dance and stage band with me (I played upright bass). Joe Morrison is his name. At the time he was first call percussionist with the Columbia Symphony orchestra. Anyway, I told my boys that they had to take private lessons from Joe for one year and then we would get drums. Much to their dismay when they went to their first lesson at Joe’s studio . he had a little Casio piano on a stand next to a concert piccolo snare drum. There was a metronome – and an excercise book that looked like flypaper with lines thru it. All of this to my delight. A year later, they could read anything . . cold and at any tempo . . and play the piano. Joe had them standing at attention in front of that snare drum for a year before they were ever allowed to touch a cymbal or bass drum pedal!

    I am disturbed that this level of music discipline is not carried out and then also have exposure to the type of presentation you have made in your video.


    Lanny Davis

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