Robert Estrin Plays: Debussy Pour Le Piano

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This is a live performance of one of Claude Debussy’s great piano works. The 3 movements were written at different times in Debussy’s life. So there is a great variety of sounds and textures.

Prélude: The first movement, Prélude, utilizes many interesting techniques on the piano including glissandi, as well as notes held with the sostenuto pedal (the middle pedal) creating a great variety of sounds.

Sarabande: The Sarabande middle movement is one of the most beautiful gems of piano writing which explores rich harmonies with haunting melodies

Toccata: The work ends with the virtuoso Toccata which is a tour de force of intricate undulating patterns of music which build to a spectacular climax!

17 thoughts on “Robert Estrin Plays: Debussy Pour Le Piano”


  1. Hey, I wanted to watch your hands!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful playing, very difficult work. I like to analyze. Seeing the hands helps me do that. I don’t hear everything, so seeing is important.

  2. Hi Robert,

    From cold and snowy Ottawa, Canada. I love your energy and enthusiasm. Although I mostly play Jazz, blues and R&B music on my piano and organ I truly enjoy your tips and insights. Piano is piano and technique transcends style and composition and I can appreciate great music and artistry and you have it, sir. Keep on spreading the joy and knowledge you have acquired from your dad. Thanks, your Canadian fan David Stein

  3. Mr. Estrin,
    I’m speechless. Excellent performance! Seeing without your hands forces one to listen more deliberately. Thank you so much for postings this. I would welcome more performances on this website.

  4. Well I’m sure it is technically very difficult but you can’t sit and listen to it, which is what music is really for.
    A veritable load of rubbish.
    Bring back real piano music.

    1. The piano was a 1960’s 6-foot 3-inch Baldwin Model L Artist Grand Piano. Incidentally, we just got in a 1999 Baldwin Model L Artist Grand Piano. They can be great pianos!

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