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Perhaps you are aware of the crises facing music and arts programs in the public schools. Music programs are being eliminated in elementary schools and severely limited in middle and high schools all around the state. Music and arts education is fundamental to a complete education. At this time I am offering my Living Piano: Journey Through Time: Historic Concert Experience as a fund-raising tool for school music programs.

While there are numerous studies linking higher verbal and math scores to music education (UC Irvine: Raucher, Shaw “Mozart Effect”), music and arts awareness also has intrinsic value. It is a recurring pattern of cutting funding for essential subjects when budgets are challenged. We must work together to raise awareness and money to help offset these cuts. If you are passionate about this, you can help by offering any small tips on how together we can bring Living Piano: Journey Through Time to schools in support of music and arts programs.

Please respond within this blog or contact me, Robert Estrin at 949-244-3729. You can get more information at Thank you for your support.

One thought on “Saving Music in the Schools”

  1. I fully agree that music is a fundamental part of a complete education. As a product of public schools, I benefited greatly from my school district’s music programs. It’s a shame to hear they are cutting back music programs, not only performance but history as well should be taught to children; it’s promotes creativity and you’re right that studies have shown the link in higher verbal and math scores.

    I think Living Piano could benefit children greatly because it offers them something they can’t experience in a classroom. It would be great to find a way to present the show to children in schools around the state.

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