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Hi, I’m Robert Estrin and this is The subject today is about why a piano should be on an inside wall. You’ve probably heard before that you must put a piano on an inside wall. There is some truth there. Why should that be important?

Pianos are incredibly delicate instruments.

Pianos are robust in some respects. But the wood of the piano, particularly the soundboard, is susceptible to very small changes in the atmosphere in regards to temperature and humidity. This is particularly true with an upright. If you have an upright against a wall and the wall has any drafts at all, then the piano will not hold its tuning as well. Worse yet, if there’s a heating vent or something blowing in the back of the piano, it could destroy the soundboard. So in some homes, it’s really important to avoid an outside wall with your piano.

Modern homes are very well insulated.

You can judge for yourself. Is it a place you would be comfortable sitting day in and day out? If so, your piano should be fine. But if it’s a place that’s drafty or cold or the sun is beating on you, this could be a bad place for your piano. So it’s really just common sense. In a well insulated home, an outside wall shouldn’t present a problem, so long as the sun isn’t beating on your piano and you don’t have a hot air vent or a radiator nearby. But for older, drafty homes, it’s really essential to use an inside wall for your piano.

There’s another thing to consider, which is disturbing neighbors.

If you’re in an apartment, you don’t want your piano on an adjacent wall with another apartment. This is particularly true with an upright. It’s going to throw the sound right into your neighbor’s room. So you could have trouble. There’s a lot to be considered here. I hope this is helpful for you! Thanks again for joining me, Robert Estrin here at, Your Online Piano Resource.

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2 thoughts on “Should a Piano Be on an Inside Wall?”


  1. I enjoyed this video.
    Your love for piano’s shines through.
    If you feel cold in a room,then your piano will also feel the cold-I liked that comparison.
    The first piano’s were delicate as well as their performers houses
    I think the study of the wood and sound board is essential for any young student to know. Am I right or wrong?

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