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Welcome to, I’m Robert Estrin. Today’s subject is, “The Importance of Quiet in Music.” There are many aspects to this question. It’s important to be able to have a dynamic range in your playing. In fact, there’s no better way to draw in an audience than to come down very quiet. But what I’m talking about is the importance of the audience being quiet, and that’s the subject!

Play quietly to summon silence

Something that I like to do if an audience is making noise, ruffling their feet, talking, or doing things that are distracting, is to play quietly. You might think you would want to play louder to overcome the noise, but the opposite is true. If you come down in volume, the audience has to be quiet! They might even shush the person making the noise. Because they want to hear the performance! Talking during a musical performance is so annoying to everybody around, particularly if the music gets quiet. The problem is, we live in a world where music is so pervasive. There’s music playing almost everywhere. So, people are used to talking through music. It’s not only recorded music, even when there’s live music in restaurants and other places, people often talk through it.

Have respect for your neighbors at concerts.

When people who are not familiar with Classical performances go to concerts, they think it’s okay to talk. Worse yet, some people will have a piece of candy. They think somehow, if they open it slowly enough, nobody will notice. They know it’s making noise, so they’re nervous about it. They take an excruciatingly long time to get that candy open, while driving everybody around them nuts. It’s best to wait until after the performance is over to indulge in sweets.

If you have a really bad cough, maybe you should give your tickets to someone else.

Coughing can destroy a musical performance. For example, I try to post musical performances of mine on my YouTube channel. I even have a section you can check out if you want to hear some of my concert performances. But many of them don’t end up being utilized, because there’s some loud coughing right at the most delicate part of the performance. Just remember when you go to concerts, it’s an experience that you want everybody to enjoy. Make sure you can be quiet and have comfortable clothing so you won’t feel like you have to move a great deal in your seat. There’s nothing worse than a chair that squeaks! You don’t even want to move because it causes a disruption. So, check that out when you get to a concert so you can enjoy the performance, and everybody around you can as enjoy the music as well. I hope this is helpful for you! It’s seems like common sense, but not everybody has grown up with Classical music the way I have, so I think it’s important to share this. Thanks again for joining me!

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